Why cell phones need to be used carefully?

Cell phone use is linked with numerous health hazards, including the possibility of developing cancer due to exposure to radiation emitted by cell phone.

The Problem with Smartphones

Smartphones work by communicating with a base station (antenna or cell tower) using microwave radiations (or signals in the range 450–2100 MHz).

Microwaves are basically extremely high frequency radio waves, and are made by various types of transmitter. In a mobile phone, they’re made by a transmitter chip and an antenna, in a microwave oven they’re made by a “magnetron”.

Yes, our smartphones emit the same radiations that heat up the food in a microwave oven.

This is where all the problem with smartphones starts.

A smartphone sends the signal in all the direction to communicate with the base station. During voice calls, this means that the signal that is sent towards the ear and head is directly absorbed into the skin, ear and brain.

Owing to their high frequency, microwaves easily penetrate the body and easily cause heating, cell and DNA damage. This is the reason for feeling heated up around the ear after a long voice call on smartphone. Your body just absorbed a lots of microwaves emitted by the smartphone that was blocked by your head!

Apart from this, the way we use the smartphone also contributes to various health effects:

  • Watching videos, reading, playing games on smartphones damages eyes.
  • Smartphone causes hearing loss.
  • Smartphones have been proved to cause infertility in men as well as women.
  • Though debated, numerous studies have linked smartphone use to brain cancer.
  • Smartphones can hurt children in many ways was as their brain absorbs microwaves manifolds compared to adults.
  • Smartphones can make people selfish!

The list goes on.

How to overcome these dangers?

The hazards from our smartphone depends on the phone model (microwave emission depends on phone model), usage level and style.

This gives an opportunity for implementing the 3 Rs of Safety Principle I have outlined in my book Mobile Phone Safety.

By selecting a smartphone that emits least amount of radiation (Specific Absorption Rate), and making simple lifestyle changes, you can protect yourself from the hazards of smartphones.

Safe Phone app help you achieve this goal!

How Safe Phone App Protects You From These Hazards?


Safe Phone currently tracks 8 factors of your smartphone covering usage, specific absorption rate (SAR), voice calls, battery and signal dynamics. These factors determine the hazards of smartphone.

Presents results as easy to understand pictures

Safe Phone conducts real-time calculations to present the results as easy to understand color coded circles. The color coding is intuitive. Red indicates hazard, which will change to orange, yellow and finally green as the particular factor becomes least hazardous.


Just touch the circles to get the basis for its current color and its significance.

Signal strength & Battery Level Indicator

Safe Phone measures signal and battery levels in real-time. These values are available all the time in the notification bar, so that you can check these values before making voice calls. Avoid phone calls when signal or battery level is < 50%. Radiation production increases with weaker battery charge and signal strength.

Instant alerts

For every incoming and outgoing voice call, Safe Phone provides an instant alert if the risk of exposure to radiation is high. Just use the speaker function or ear phone to reduce the exposure as you can keep the smartphone away from head during such calls.

Cumulative Report

You will be getting a daily digest at 8 PM that will provide a cumulative report for all the factors. This report can be accessed anytime from the app. This will guide you to take appropriate measures to lower the hazards of smartphone.